Monday, November 23, 2009

World Leader Pretend

If there is ever an election for World Ruler, Gotham City Insider gets my vote. Here's why:
If I Ruled The World...

My perfect world would be hand written letters and payphones.
Old records and old cars.
Guys opening doors for girls and waiting for them to sit down before they sit down.
Waiting for them to start eating before they eat.
dudes wouldn't wear pants hanging off their ass and hats like big buckets with stickers still on them and dudes wouldn't wear Hercules sandals, either
dudes would wear suits, always.
always dressed up.
ever see old photos of basbeall games back in the day?
men had on suits, fedoras, cigars, ties and sparkling shoes
they weren't painting their chests with beer helmets
and eating nacho cheese dip off their gut like a table

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More Matt Helm
Yesterday, I linked to Gary Hatcher's fine piece of squeeage over Donald Hamilton's Matt Helm novels at CBR. Today, I'll include two more Matt Helm links. The first is The Matt Helm Dossier. The second is the Online Archive of California's Donald Hamilton Papers. This site is a box-by-box listing of what's in the 155 boxes of the Donald Hamilton collection.

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