Sunday, November 29, 2009

Polyester, Afros, and The Tenth Judge of Hell

With pencils by Dusty Abell, ink by Drew Geraci, and color by Dean White, this is one of my favorite comic covers of all time. Too bad, the comic never came into being. Geraci explains:
From: Hellboy (Unpublished) For a few years, Dusty Abell and I were a team and did about 300 pages together. Dusty approached Mike Mignola with this concept which started in a chinese monastary in the 30's (based on some book he read) and wrapped up in the 70's, a period Dusty and I would constantly wax nostalgic over. Colored by Dean White, who did a terrific job. From my hazy recollection, Mike was actually interested, but it got put on the back burner, until other new opportunities came in which demanded his time ( like a movie, perhaps?) A shame this project never saw the light of day, isn't it?

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