Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monsterpocalypse Now

There's no need to fear. DHS is here. And they are protecting us from kaiju. " What's kaiju?" you may ask. They are giant monsters popularized by Japanese film-makers like Toho Studios, who gave the world the most famous kaiju: Godzilla. Sure, Gamera can go tear-assing around Japan, but he'd better keep his flame-shooting butt out of the U.S. of A. Too bad these guys weren't around in 1978 when Godzooky single-handedly ruined The Godzilla Power Hour.

According to Reason magazine, the Department of Homeland Security seized the first printing of a strategy guide for Privateer Press's giant-monster collectible miniature game Monsterpocalypse. The result was that the interdiction postponed the game's release for an entire week.

For the full story, see Reason's "Miniature Monsters Attack America."

Next thing you know, the ATF will be interdicting shipments of The Shotgun Diaries.

What's Everyone So Afraid of?

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