Thursday, November 12, 2009

CCC, Easy As 1-2-3

Last night, I watched the Civilian Conservation Corps episode of PBS's The American Experience. I've been interested in the CCC ever since I found out that my sole maternal uncle was a member. It was so good, I almost became a New Dealer. Now where's my "I Hate Von Mises to Pieces" t-shirt.

• A 1933 Time Magazine article introducing the newly-formed CCC, "Rizzo Goes to Work"

Legacy of the CCC —The CCC Legacy Project outlines the Corps’ lasting contributions

• John A. Salmond’s cornerstone biography of the CCC, The Civilian Conservation Corps:
A New Deal Case Study
from the National Park Service website

Daily Life in the CCC—former CCC enrollee Paul Mathews recalls life in his
Pennsylvania camp

• National Park Service book chapter, A Day in the CCC

• Order your CCC t-shirt today

CCC at the Digital Library of Georgia

CCC at the Digital Library of Georgia

CCC Links at Roadside Georgia

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