Friday, November 27, 2009

Urbaniak Cowboy: A Thanksgiving Treat

Urbaniak Cowboy: A Thanksgiving Treat

"Are You There, James Urbaniak? It's Me, Dean." If, by "there," you mean Fandomania, then the answer is "yes." Paige MacGregor interviews Venture Bros star James Urbaniak at Fandomania.

Weekly World News News
Back in the late eighties, when money was short, Friday night frequently consisted of a six-pack of Sterling, a bag of Gator Chips, and a copy of the Weekly World News. Within its pages, a reader could find Bigfoot, aliens, exorcisms, the common-sense advice of Dear Dotti, and the fiery political rants of Ed Anger, whose columns were so vitriolic that he made Sean Hannity look like Stuart Smalley. While other periodicals were focusing on such mundanities as stock quotes and sports stats, WWN was scooping its competition with such headlines as "Abraham Lincoln Was A Woman," "Dick Cheney Is A Robot," and "Satan Captured by GIs in Iraq."

Unfortunately, like most of her more reputable brethren, the Weekly World News suffered heavily when the banner of journalism was ripped from the hands of print-media by the internet finally stopping the presses for good in 2007.

Fans of Weekly World News can now rejoice. Fellow WWN enthusiast and IDW Publishing editor-in-chief Chris Ryall has penned a four-part miniseries with the assistant of artist Alan Robinson that unites WWN-fan faves Bat Boy, PhD Ape, UFO Alien, Manigator, and Lemmie the Lake Erie Monster as a tabloid super-team in their epic struggle to save Earth from the Chaos Cloud.

Weekly World News #1 (of 4), a 32-page, $3.99 comic book, debuts in January 2010. Diamond order code NOV09 0841.

Read IDW Publishing's press release

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WWN Article Archive at Archive.Org.

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