Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They Pulled Out My Economy and Stomped That Sucker Flat


h/t Glenn Beck

They are throwing the kitchen sink at this. The world is not going back to normal after the magnitude of what they have done. When the dust settles this will either work, and the money they have pushed into the system will feed though into an inflation shock.

Or it will not work because too much damage has already been done, and we will see continued financial deterioration, causing further economic deterioration, with the risk of a feedback loop. We don't think this is the more likely outcome, but as each week and month passes, there is a growing danger of vicious circle as confidence erodes.

This will lead to political instability. We are already seeing countries on the periphery of Europe under severe stress. Some leaders are now at record levels of unpopularity. There is a risk of domestic unrest, starting with strikes because people are feeling disenfranchised."

What happens if there is a meltdown in a country like Pakistan, which is a nuclear power. People react when they have their backs to the wall. We're already seeing doubts emerge about the sovereign debts of developed AAA-rated countries, which is not something you can ignore.

--Excerpt from internal memo from Citigroup's chief technical strategist Tom Fitzpatrick

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And if that's not bad enough, the Emergency and Disaster Information Service has a continually updated map of world disaster.

According to J. Steven York, my fellow AT fanatic and the mastermind behind Minions at Work:
The cool part: you know the Adventure Team had just this sort of map running all the time at headquarters. (In fact, with a spare computer and flat-screen, you could build a whole headquarters diorama around this map.)

The depressing part: the AT was set up to do something about these things. The rest of us, not so much. And it never stops. Night and day, 24/7/365, the world is full of trouble.

Fortunately, Tom Lommel, another of Benton Quest's love children, has an answer for all of those problems and more (hint: "GRENADES=AWESOME!").
Scientific Progress Goes RATTA-TATTA-TATTA-TATTA-TAH!!!

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