Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fields of The Nephilim/We Are The Champions

This morning, on the drive-in, I caught bits and pieces of a Coast-to-Coast A.M. interview with Steven Quayle who alleges that the Nephilim walk the earth and seek to bring about an age of cruely and perversity the likes of which haven't been seen since Rick James passed away. His story was supported by a guy alleging to be a C-130 pilot who happened to haul one of the things back to an Ohio air base. To say that his web site is "interesting" is an understatement.

Our Man in Harrisburg reports the release of A&E's Cult TV Spy Collection:

Get ready for international intrigue, secret agents, amazing gadgets, superhuman powers, evil villains, and thrilling face-offs as the heroes of this four-series collection travel the world to battle for justice and avert disaster.

The collection of debut episodes includes Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as wealthy playboys who unravel criminal cases in THE PERSUADERS; Patrick McGoohan’s classic and mysterious British series THE PRISONER; THE CHAMPIONS, a trio of crime fighters with special powers bestowed by a lost Tibetan civilization; and Robert Vaughan as a London private eye in the stylish series THE PROTECTORS. Intelligent, intriguing characters, exotic settings, and fabulous cars – this is some of the most inventive and best-loved television ever produced. If you appreciate a good spy story, this 14-disc set of four fan-favorite spy series will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Order here

I was underwhelmed by The Persuaders, but I've been quite the Prisoner fan for quite some time. Although I never joined, I ordered the membership info for The Prisoner Appreciation Society out of Starlog magazine when I was a kid. I even spent most of ninth grade drawing umbrella-topped pennyfarthing bicycles on any surface I could find at school. And, although, I only ever saw a few episodes of The Protectors, I loved what I saw, and that "Avenues & Alleyways" song remained stuck in my head for twenty-plus years until I finally tracked down the mp3. But, somehow, I missed out on The Champions. Just reading the episode guide, it sounds like I'd have loved the show. Very Challengers of The Unknown.

In the first episode, three agents (a pilot, a decoder, and a scientist) ditch their airplane in the mountains of Tibet, are given super-human abilities, and evade capture by the Chicoms. In later episodes, viewers will find underground Antarctic nuclear explosions, ousted South American dictators, secret Nazi arms caches, Haitian sorcerors, and lethal hallucinogens. In short, "GRENADES=AWESOME."

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