Saturday, December 6, 2008

An open letter to


In a recent post by DESTRO, he alleged that " has just received new Images of upcoming G.I. Joe Movie: Rise of Cobra Figures." However, the images that were posted were not G.I. Joes. While the figures look very sharp, they appear to be mersh for the old Rainbow Six video game, not any movie about G.I. Joe. There is no flocked hair. There is no kung-fu grip. The Adventure Team logo is nowhere to be found. And those rifles look way too destructive to bag a White Tiger or a Pygmy Gorilla. They don't even look like they're made by Hasbro.

I realize that one should not expect perfection when posts are made by unpaid volunteers, but, in the future, I would appreciate that if readers are promised pics of new G.I. Joe action figures, they receive pics of new G.I. Joe action figures.



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