Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus

h/t Rob Macdougall

It's Harry Turtledove meets Michael Crichton in this Jurassic National Military Park in Natural Bridge, Virginia. "Professor" Mark Cline, the gentleman who gave the world Professor Cline's Haunted Monster Museum & Dark Maze, takes visitors into the world of "What If?" His premise:
A family of Virginia paleontologists has accidentally dug a mine shaft into a hidden valley of living dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the Union Army has tagged along, hoping to kidnap the big lizards and use them as "weapons of mass destruction" against the South.

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...and Speaking of the War Between The State
Move over Captains Kangaroo and Feathersword. A new Captain has entered the world of playtime fun. His name: Henry Wirz.

That's right! For ages, kids have been able to reenact the War Between The States thanks to plastic blue and gray soldiers. I've heard my father-in-law talk about having them when he was a kid. I remember way back when I was a kid lining up my gray plastic rebels to give the bluebellies hell on the kitchen floor of the double-wide trailer that my dad used as a fishing camp on Lake Seminole. I also remember gleefully finding my son a similiar pack of soldiers in a local pharmacy.

Well, now kids don't have to limit their Civil War in Plastic to battles like Fort Cardboard, Hand Towel Gap, and Couch Pillow Ridge. Thanks to places like Toy Soldier Depot, kids can relive the experience of Camp Sumter, the Andersonville P.O.W. camp.


This is a American Civil War plastic Confederate Andersonville Prison Camp Playset. In brown wood grain type plastic, this stockade is huge! Measures 24" long, 13" wide, 6" tall. Snap together construction, assembly required. Also comes with two sets of double door gates, one on each side of stockade. Also includes a set of 8 guard towers that are 7" tall that can be positioned in any location around the camp. This set works quite well with our BMC Civil War soldiers sets. We do offer a companion set of "Union Prisoners/Confederate Guards" that is sold seperately. Playset in polybag with header card. This stockade has alot of potential, could be used for Western or Frontier forts, or even a Barbarian or Fantasy Fort!


This is a American Civil War Union Prisoners/Confederate Guards plastic soldiers set. Companion set of the Andersonville Prison Camp playset. inlcudes 6 Lean-to's and 6 tents in brown plastic (some restocks of this item now have white plastic tents), and approx. 20 or so blue plastic Union prisoners and several grey Confederate guards. Soldiers are approx. 2 1/4" tall. In poly bag with header card. Though meant to be a companion set for the Andersonville playset, most of these troops could also be used in camp or non-combat duties too!

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