Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Army Men on Youtube

Kat Carlin, possibly better known as, has produced a video of an epic battle between Lego chivalry and Tim Mee Army Men. Guess who wins? Hint: "never bring a lance to a gun fight." The music is Carl Orff's famous paean to Jabba the Hutt's favorite Twi'lek. Ever since I first heard the movement when it was used in Excalibur, I've wanted to sing along to this catchy little tune; however, I've been denied that simple pleasure until now, thanks to Carlin and the clever use of subtitles, I can now "torge pulsum tangite" with the best of 'em. And so can you.

Also of interest to those who like to push plastic (or lead) around household battlefields is a video of Copplestone Castings Roaring Twenties miniatures.

( See it here ... )

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