Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zombie Culture

“Vampires are Brad Pitts. Zombies are more like the Steve Buscemis. We can relate.”
--S. G. Browne

Over at Andrew Breitbart Presents BIG HOLLYWOOD, S. T. Karnick links the current trendiness of zombies with America's present shuffle toward socialism. He cites a recent Chicago Trib article which reports that the one of the what-if scenarios addressed by representatives from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and the like at the University of Chicago annual Model United Nations conference was a zombie outbreak.

Perhaps that's why the Russians just had a good, old-fashioned Sov-style military parade in Red Square. Prepping for World War Z, anyone?

And perhaps the potential for friendly-fire in a a war against an enemy that must be shot in the head to be taken down is the true impetus behind recent efforts by the British to develop bullet-proof turbans for their Sikh officers.

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