Saturday, May 23, 2009

Christian X-chatology

Christian X-atology
richochet h/t cleireac

Thanks to Br'er Cleireac's picking up the torch of the RNT (Random New Table) from Berin Kinsman (, I ran across Comic Book Resources May 22, 2009 interview with X-Force creator and former Levi's 501 spokesmodel Rob Liefeld. The focus of the interview is Liefeld's project with his pastor Phil Hotsenpiller: Image Comics Armageddon Now. From what I've seen, it's Cable meets Left Behind. I hope that while Righteous Rob has maintained his ability to cut his ink with anabolic steroids, he has has lost his ability to abandon projects in midstream and to miss seemingly every deadline on those projects he does follow through on.

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In the video, he mentions a series of bizarre "end times" films that he compares with old grindhouse flicks. I remember seeing one of these when I was a kid: A Thief in The Night -- which is available in its entirety courtesy of

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