Friday, May 29, 2009

Bikinis & Berettas

As anyone who has ever looked at my sidebar can attest, I've been a fan of Kevin Dart's work for quite some time. In addition to doing everything from illustrating 20,000 Leagues under The Sea to doing promo art for a No Doubt tour, Dart has created a series of posters for movies-that-never-were (but damn well should have been). Movies like Cannibal Girls of The Forbidden Island, The Secret Agent Girls of Danger Cove, and The Deadly Bikini Girls of Shark Island. The prize flower of Dart's garden, however, is Yuki 7, a sultry Japanese superspy who makes Erin Esurance look like Velma from Scooby Doo. According to Dart's posters, Yuki was played by Kimiko Suzuki in such films as To Catch A Temptress, Danger Is A Female, and Roman Rendezvous.

To promote the release of Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7, Dart recruited young French creative director Stephane Coedel to animate his graphics into a theatrical trailer for the 1964 Yuki 7 movie A Kiss From Tokyo. Coedel's animation really does Dart's work justice. The grain is perfect. The action, especially the old school car chase, is great. And Cyrille Marchesseau has the whole John Barry/Lailo Schrifin/Hoyt Curtin vibe down-pat. The video perfectly captures Kevin's retro spy-fi.

"A Kiss From Tokyo" Theatrical trailer from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

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