Friday, November 21, 2008

अच्ससोरिज़े फॉर वोंद्लेरंद

When I visited the Key West Ripley's, one of my favorite exhibits was the Vampire Killing Kit. It reminded me of the fake ad they had in the back of Eerie comics Hard John Apple's Nuclear Hit Parade, it was a utility belt that was more Robert Neville than Bruce Wayne.

When I checked my favorite haunt for China Mieville fan-geekery, I found one of my fellow Bas-Lagians was creating a souvenirs of Perdido Street Station box, and had posted links to other kits for alternate realities. First, there is the "Wonderland expedition kit" based upon the works of Lewis Carroll which can be found at And then artist Alex CF has all kinds of goodies at They include:

  • Menes - The Vampyr Pharoah of Egypt.
  • Golem; life from inanimate clay
  • Mountains of Madness Expedition Case
  • Werewolf Anatomical Research Case
  • and a host of other Lovecraftian and cryptozoological stuff.

    Edit: My titles keeping coming out in Hindi. I shall fix that.
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