Monday, January 18, 2010

Where The Wild Things At?

I have long been a fan of the tents/forts that one makes out of blankets, sheets, etc. when one is a kid. It was one of my most cherished memories from my own childhood, and it is a cherished part of watching my kids grow up. When I was a kid, a small table and a sheet made an excellent hideout on a rainy day; meanwhile, my old army camo poncho liner has served both of my kids well when supported by our dining room chairs. So, I was dismayed to learn that I had totally missed out on the joint venture by Spike Jonze and Jeff Hamada to find the best Where The Wild Things Are forts.

The grand prize winner, who received an special Where The Wild Things Are edition XBox and a bus shelter-sized WTETA poster, was Eric Rice's three-level pallet-wood-and-string outdoor model.

The runner-up Dianne Que's more traditional indoor fort was made from sheets, paper, and cushions.

There were a few that I'd like to give my own awards to. These guys definitely win my "'L' for 'Lack of effort' award." Get it, "effort"? Putting a lamp and a chair outside your mom's mini-van then climbing in back with another member of your garage band with your instruments does not a fort make, my friend. Try to get PR for crappy band somewhere else.

The "Creepiest Fort" award goes to Frank from Donnie Darko here. Even the guy's dog looks like he's creeped out by the owner. The fact that the guy is in his skivvies, all of the polaroids of the women that he's stalked, and the mask that reminds me of the bear-masked guy in The Shining really made this guy a shoe-in.

And this one, which, for the number of bottles stacked outside, wins my "Best Entry by An Alcoholic" award.

This one receives no award from either Jonze & Hamada or me. I don't think it was really and entry. I think someone just snapped a photo of a homeless person.

Reminding us that, given the state of the economy, we should all learn how to build shanties and how to sleep under Hoover blankets.

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Unknown said...

none of the bottles in the "Best Entry by An Alcoholic" are alchohol bottles. Sparkling Water, Reed's Jamaican Ginger Ale, and Coca-cola.