Monday, January 18, 2010

Gygax Memorial

The following is from the Gygax Memorial Fund:
The Gygax family has begun raising funds to erect a monument in honor of the late E. Gary Gygax. Current plans are to seek a location in Library Park, located on the lakefront in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
GYGAX MEMORIAL FUND is a non-profit charity and will seek donations from corporate and individual donors.
A bronze bust of Gary, facing the lake, is the proposed memorial. We hope to incorporate gaming elements into the design, with a bench for viewing and reflecting. Final details of the design and site are pending, and will go forward after being approved by the Lake Geneva City Council. We hope to break ground in 2011.

Donations payable to the "Gygax Memorial Fund" can be sent to:

Gail Gygax
316 Madison St.
Lake Geneva, Wi 53147

Online payments can be made at

RPGKids: A Basic Game of Die Rolling and Number Recognition for ages 4-6
Finally, someone has heeded Helen Lovejoy's cry for someone to "please think of the children." newbiedm has developed a bare-bones version of D&D for use with younger kids. All of my fellow geek-dads will be pleased to see that it is available for download at his website.

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    Bible Code
    Fear not. I'm not talking about something Dan Brown plagiarized from Umberto Eco who plagiarized it from Mssrs. Baigent and Leigh. According to ABC News, Trijicon, fine craftsmen of optical sighting devices for the U.S military, law enforcment, and gun-owners everywhere, have been embossing their products with Biblical citations, such as 2COR4:6 (2 Corinthians 4:6) and JN8:12 (John 8:12). Not exactly Mr. Eko's "Jesus Stick," but it's enough to get Mikey Weinstein of the ironically-named Military Religious Freedom Foundation's panties in a wad. To paraphrase (and, by "paraphrase," I mean "grossly distort the words of") Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now, they train young men to fire 5.56 mm rounds into people, but their attorneys won't allow them to write Bible verses on their weapons. Go figure.

    Perhaps any JAG officers who have qualms with Trijicon's policy should have checked out the company's website. Listed along with Honest/Integrity, Teamwork/Dedication, Customers, and Quality/Innovation as "Trijicon's Values" is "Morality." Trijicon, which was founded by a devout Christian from South Africa named Glyn Bindon, explains "Morality" as follows:
    We believe that America is great when its people are good. this goodness has been based on biblical standards throughout our history and we still strive to follow those morals.

    Are they really so surprised that a company that would be that blatantly Christian on their public website would hesitate to put "Bible code" on their product.

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    Gun Pr0n
    Topless Robot has compiled a list of 16 Awesome Fictional Firearms.