Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Watch Tower of Inverness

I've always wondered what Gary Gygax's religious background/affiliation was, if any. I'd always assumed his background was Lapsed Catholic or Lutheran like most of the other yankees I'd known.

While reading Lord of The Green Dragons, the blog of Rob Kuntz, who played Robilar in EGG's famous campaign, I ran across the following:

The Gygax's (and myself for a shorter time period)
were once Jehovah's Witnesses. One of their daughters still is, whereas the rest of the family
members, including myself, disassociated with that affiliation many, many years ago, and all for different reasons.

Coming from a religion whose main prosyletizing activity is annoying door-to-door Watchtower distribution, no wonder one of the staples of the game was trapped doorways.

I've become quite found of Oddee. They've got stuff for the bibliophile in me, such as "15 Coolest Bookshelves," and stuff for the historical obscura geek, like "7 Strangest Wars" and "9 Absolutely Insane Weapons".

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