Sunday, March 15, 2009


Looking back through July 1982's Dragon #63 this morning, I ran across Gary Gygax's review of Conan The Barbarian and The Sword & The Sorceror. After blasting De Laurentis's Conan with both barrels and giving The Sword & The Sorceror a good truncheoning, Gygax said of a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® movie:
I promise all of you that if the D&D® movie isn't of the quality of Star Was and Raiders of the Lost Ark, I will not only blast it in a review similar to this one, but I will apologize to you as well.

I realize that by the time the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® movie was released Joe Six-Pack and Sally Housecoat had more control over the franchise than did EGG, but I wonder if he ever penned his apology -- not that he should have, mind you. Just curious. Given the quality of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® cartoon, which EGG did have a hand in, I really wonder if he could have insured that said movie was "of the quality of Star Wars and Raiders."

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