Sunday, July 5, 2009

Interview with A Thomas Harlan

Randolph Carter has posted an interesting interview with author Thomas Harlan over at MMO blog Grinding to Valhalla. Harlan, the author of the In The Time of The Sixth Sun series, talks about how gaming has influenced and hindered his writing.

For those who have missed out on Harlan's tremendous talent, The Sixth Sun series follows is a science fiction epic set in an alt-future world dominated by the Aztec culture as embodied in Empire of the Méxica.

Harlan's protagonist multi-globe-trotting xenoarchaeologist Gretchen Andersson is joined by Japanese naval commander and Aztec noble judge-sorceror Green Hummingbird in an attempt to suss out the Mystery of The Missing Survey Team on Ephesus III.

Reading Harlan is a sheer delight. The reader can tell that Harlan's head is chock full of historical obscura just waiting to bust out on the written page in a hodge-podge inventive way that miraculously makes sense. After all, how cool is it to have Aztec Jaguar knights walking around with Webley and Nambu pistols?

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