Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cargo Pants Tribe

From Br'er Spear Weasel:
You see them around a lot, especially in Central Texas. But they could be anywhere.

- Almost always wearing sandals and khaki or OD cargo shorts. The more pockets, the better.
- Tech-savvy... they often worked at Dell.
- Might have a bumper sticker on their car, but you probably won't get the joke.... unless you know who HP Lovecraft is.
- Often center-right or vaguely libertarian politically, but not always. Their politics are usually pragmatic rather than ideological.
- Usually own multiple "sport utility rifles"... you know, the scary-looking ones that some call "assault weapons".
- Often slightly overweight, usually have a goatee.
- Probably play WoW, or DnD, or something nerdy like that... but they also do martial arts, and hit really hard for a pudgy guy.
-Up on the latest fan boy superhero or sci-fi blockbuster, but for some reason still have a fairly attractive mate/S.O.

Does this describe you? Welcome to the tribe. Do you know someone who fits this bill? Invite them in. No dues, no requirements.

There are more of us out there than you'd imagine, and we are all going to see the Avengers movie when it comes out.

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