Thursday, September 11, 2008

Above The Fruited Planescape

Well, I'm no longer a gamer. I no longer game. The play-by-post OD&D game I was in has gone gently into that good night. And, unfortunately, the only other play-by-post game that I've seen that looks halfway interesting was already filled up before I got the final word on the demise of the Wilderlands OD&D campaign. The game is the Yesteryear Planescape campaign, and, even though, I'm not playing, I'm lurking like hell. The game is that interesting.

Much like the Wilderland's OD&D game, Yesteryear is like a Who's Who of My Favorite Gaming Blogs:

The DM is noisms, who blogs Monsters and Manuals, and one of my favorite Yesteryear characters is Diego the Grim, Dark Wizard and Chain-Smoker Extraordinaire, a planar human mage who is played by Matthew Conway of The Dwarf and The Basilisk. Another of my favorites is Xiao Glorianthian Gogana, Prime Grey Elf Fighter, played by someone named Ben. Brian of Trollsmyth fame plays a prime human bard called "Sparrow. The prime human cleric Zavijah is played by Natalie (Odyssey). James (Stormspace) who plays Hume, a prime human mage, masterfully that one can take a bad stat roll and turn it into masterful roleplaying. The delightful Bairaiur named Hervis is played by David of The RPG Corner.

  • Dark of the Day Planescape Forum Game
  • Unity of Rings comic at Wizards of The Coast
  • Mike and Cam of Godzilla Gaming Podcast talk Planescape with Monte Cook
  • Tony Diterlizzi's Blog
  • Yesteryear: High Adventure on the borders of Ysgard and Arborea

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, thanks for the mention. I added this here blogaroo to my links list. I have to ask though, how come you have three different blogs, and which one is which?


    Robo said...

    pith-helmet was my first manifestation here, but I got tired of it. When I came back to blogspot, I was going to do one roleplaying blog (Cloistered Paladin) and one for everything else (Action Typist). But that got to be too much of a hassle, so I put everything at Action Typist now.

    I have blogs at all of the major blog sites, and stuff gets posted there when I'm of a mind to do so, but this actiontypist.blogspot is the catchall.

    Anonymous said...

    Gotcha. Just wanted to make sure I was linked to the mothership blog.

    Good to know there are other fans of Danger Man out there!