Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The A-to-Z of Adventure: "D" Is for Dangerwoman

Danger Woman is a real-life superhero headquartered in the Atlanta area. Diagnosed with Asperger's, this Songbird of Justice uses her mad karaoke skills to fight "disabiliphobia." She has been one of the highlights of Dragoncon; however, she has announced on her Facebook page that she has been left off 2011's itinerary. Pat Henry, who can be reached at chairman@dragoncon.org, needs to be reminded of what a golden asset DE has been over the years.
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Jeff Rients said...

Never heard of her, but she sounds super-awesome from the write-up you link to.

BigFella said...

Late comment, but it should be pointed out that the coolest band in the world, the mighty Aquabats, did one of their awesomest songs in tribute to her.