Saturday, January 3, 2009

'Toons and Guns

My PC remains KIA. During my luddite sabbatical, it's been a nonstop festival of Anthony Bourdain, The Twilight Zone, and Cartoon Network. Since school is out, I allowed my young padawan to stay up past his usual Friday night fare of The Secret Saturdays and Star Wars: The Clone Wars to watch Ben 10.

I didn't think I'd like the show. I've always thought it was just some kid from the Age of Emo that can turn himself into Pokemon critters. However, I was quite pleasantly surprised with last night's offering. Ben is summoned to an alternate dimension that was used as a penal colony. Sort of how I always imagined that place you can end up if you draw the wrong card from a Deck of Many Things from the old Dungeon Master's Guide. He ends up helping liberate a group of farmers that looked to be a cross between Nute Gunray and the rice farmers from Seven Samurai. The guards of the dimension looked like something straight out of Lovecraft.

I've been hearing on the news about the rush of us God-and-gun-clingers to buy up firearms before President-elect Obama takes office; however, since I'm too broke to buy weapons these days, I've not given it much thought. Today, I went to my local firearms merchant. Aside from a half dozen AR-15 variants, they were virtually clean out of things that Nancy Pelosi would label as "assault weapons."

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