Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Cryptid Who Came in From The Cold

From one of our favorite blogs, the Lair of the Evil DM, I present a rather interesting gaming idea. Aside from a brief dalliance with King of the Monsters on the old NeoGeo, I really haven't had a desire to play the part of a radioactive Asian behemoth. So when I first saw the words "GURPS Godzilla," my first thought was, "Meh," and I kept on scrolling. However, once I saw the red-and-black Adventure Team icon, a cluster of Joes, and the Mobile Support Vehicle, I had to read the fine print and follow the links. And while what I found was no Mission: Adventure!, it was enough to capture the imagination of anyone who calls himself a sixties/seventies superscience spy-fi fan.

Speaking of spy-fi, I've run across another blog that I feel compelled to add to ye olde blogrolle, The Spy Report. Based out of, it is the personal haunt of Wesley Britton who has penned a number of books on fictional espionage and has even lectured at the International Spy Museum. Right now, he has one helluvan auction at eBay. If I had two pfennigs to rub together, I'd definitely be bidding.

Getting back to strange critters, BBC News reports that palaeontologists in China have discovered "the fossil of a 'bizarre' feathered dinosaur from the era before birds evolved." Scientists believe that Epidexipteryx's feathers evolved from aesthetics rather than function. In other words, they were used to pick up chicks rather than pick up the proto-bird himself and make him airborne.

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