Friday, July 8, 2011

The Padawan Has Become The Master

Last night, as I walked into my ten-year-old son's toy-littered room, he proudly exclaimed, "Look Daddy! I made the Battle of Endor!"

And, sure enough, there it was. He had cleared just enough space on his floor to fit all of the plastic trees from his old dinosaur and army men playsets, then populated it with his collection of Lego™ Star Wars Imperial stormtroopers and Rebel Alliance soldiers.

Still hoping to convey the need for him to clean his room, I said, "With all of these other toys on the floor, it looks the Battle of the Junkyard to me."

My snarkasm was completely lost on the boy.

His response, "Oh, you mean the Battle of Raxus Prime."

At that moment, I was the proudest geekdad in the universe.

Note: Wookieepedia identifies "Raxus Prime" as "a waste-covered planet in the Raxus system. It was packed with toxic debris and had a poisonous surface"
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