Friday, March 6, 2009

Watchmen Twins Powers ... ACTIVATE!

Although I will eventually, I have not yet seen The Watchmen movie. Although I've read what some detractors have to say, I've read a lot of positive things too. However, no matter how great the movie may be, I know it cannot begin to approach teh full-of-win awesome that is this intro to an eighties Saturday morning cartoon version of The Watchmen.

h/t to Jeff's Gameblog for that little (pardon the pun) "Jem."

In other Watchmen-related news, after reading her film review in The New Frontiersman at her website, I've decided that Debbie Schlussel is a multilingual, nationally syndicated blooming idiot with a law degree. In spite of Bush's fumbles and the greed-headed trough-feeding of GOP legislators, I've never considered pulling a Fawn Hall on my Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy membership card. That is. Until now.

On Gaming

Michigan Toy Soldier Company has some plastic figures that look like they may have some potential for use in a Darkest Africa campaign as plastic alternatives to lead figures. They have Marx Re-issues of "Daktari Natives and Hunters" and a set containing a "Missionary & Female Hunter. They have Navy HQ Furniture and Army HQ Furniture.

On T.V.
Saturday at 3:30 PM, Book TV will present T. J. Stiles discussing his book Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War. Then, Sunday at 1:00 p.m., the book will be Jeff Benedict's Little Pink House, the story behind the Kelo eminent domain case.

Out now on DVD: Season Three of The Venture Brothers. Complete with faux old-school Atari game box-style cover.

Writing Exercise
Sketch a novel in an hour

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J. Steven York said...

Oh, the awesome wrongness of that Watchman cartoon just can't be over-stated. Love it!