Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rhodes Endorses Obama

A few days ago, I voiced my displeasure at Ron Howard's video depicting Sheriff Andy Taylor's endorsement for Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential race. But then it hit me. That didn’t necessarily have to be Andy Taylor. A black-and-white Andy Griffith could also be Private Will Stockdale, the Reverend Samuel Whitehead, or, even better, Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes from A Face in The Crowd. After all, if Rhodes endorsed Obama, he wouldn’t be the first “irrepressible Arkansas traveler” who’s charmed his way into America’s hearts to do so.

A Face in The Crowd was a 1957 Elia Kazan film tracing the rise and fall of Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes (played to perfection by Andy Griffith), an Ozark ne’er-do-well who picks-and-grins his way to the top of the Big Rock Candy Mountain of national television stardom only to topple off when his fans and followers see the vile hillbilly brute behind the curtain of country charm.

“I know it’s not what the people want to hear ... but I know what’s best for them.”

“We've got to face it, politics have entered a new stage, television. Instead of long-winded debates, the people want slogans. ‘Time for a CHANGE!’ … Punch-lines and glamour.”

“Secretary for National Morale is a job that I was born for! In a time of crisis … who else could rabble the people … ? Who else could move the people to action … ? You are looking at America's answer to the crying need….”
-- Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes

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